Crystal Praxinoscope:
Snow Mountain

Installation & Material Design
London, 2019

The Swarovski Conscious Design Hub project at Central Saint Martins [2]

Display window in Granary Square, King’s Cross

Crystal Praxinoscope: Snow Mountainis an installation design project
that recalls Praxinoscope, a France animation device,
made with the material 'crystal' of Swarovski.

The praxinoscope was an animation device, the successor to the zoetrope.
It was invented in France in 1877 by Charles-Émile Reynaud.

This project is made as part of
 ‘The Swarovski Conscious Design Hub’ at
Central Saint Martins [2]

[2] The Swarovski Conscious Design Hub is the product of the brand's inaugural Conscious Design programme delivered in collaboration with Jewellery, Textiles and Materials programme at Central Saint Martins. It is intended to be a lasting, free resource for designers from across a range of disciplines and to champion the transformational power of education and collaboration.

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